A time, a place, a civilization. - 20-22
20-22: ALPHA to be screened at Cannes 2015 as an official selection of Cannes Short Film Corner 2015.
20-22 clearly is in the manner of Cinema Pur going up-stream from conventional cinema... The remarkable scope of the locations with people pixelated in rhythm to the soothing-hum of the machine. Given the form of a visual speechless narrative, we all see a different picture-ambiguity, is its clarity. - Godfrey Reggio
20-22 is a nonverbal nonfiction cinematic project, a symphony of spectacular moving images and evocative music examining a world seemingly futuristic and unearthly, yet nostalgic and familiar; the world of postmodern humankind. In 2014, project 20-22 released its first film titled "20-22: ALPHA".

20-22: ALPHA is the first film released by project 20-22.
MAY 2014 20-22: ALPHA is completed and is being shown to test viewers.
JULY 11 2014 20-22: ALPHA had its cinema debut in Berlin @ Kino MovieMento.
SEPT 2014 Project 20-22 is part of Toronto Urban Film Festival 2014.
NOV 23 2014 20-22: ALPHA screening at Cinema DeSève organized by Film Society of Montreal with Q&A with director.
MAR 15 2015 Official selection of FIFEQ 2015. Screening and Q&A with director. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE
FEB 12 2015 20-22: ALPHA screening at Toronto Reference Library (5:30pm, Toronto) with Q&A with director.
MAR 31 2015 20-22: ALPHA screening at Equitable Café / Cinéma (Marseille) with Q&A with director
APR 3 2015 20-22: ALPHA screening at Polygone Etoilé (Marseille) with Q&A with director.
APR 12 2015 20-22: ALPHA screening at Melkweg (Amsterdam) as the opening film for a Philip Glass music concert.
APR 19 2015 20-22: ALPHA screening at Cinema Wuppertal (Germany) with Q&A with director.
APR 29 2015 20-22: ALPHA screening at Cinematheque Paris 3 (Paris) with Q&A with director.
MAY 13-24 2015 20-22: ALPHA being presented at Festival de Cannes / Court Métrage / Short Film Corner (France).
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About 10,000 years ago the last Ice Age finally ended. The climate soon came to resemble our own climate today, providing a sound platform for human development. Rather than moving about, man now began shaping his own environment to meet his needs.

Today we are living in a new millennium world, of accelerated change, unimaginable possibilities and complex uncertainties.
20-22 cinematically explores the postmodern humankind - its development and environment.
With over 60,000 ft of celluloid film shot over a period of five years in more than a hundred locations, 20-22 takes us on a journey into the far reaches of this futuristic yet familiar world, giving exclusive access to popular as well as rarely seen places, fascinating events and characters.
Being nonverbal and not relying on dialogue, 20-22 transcends the human language to offer a purely cinematic and sensorial experience beyond verbal information. 20-22 uses a classic motion picture technology, that is Kodak’s Black and White celluloid film.
20-22 Trailer #1 20-22 Trailer #2
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With the first film 20-22: ALPHA released by project 20-22, we are currently fundraising for PHASE 2 to create the next film 20-22: OMEGA. If you are a Film Producer, Investor, Distributor or Art Patron interested in partnering on the project, or you want to offer your services, contact JEANNE at 20.22movie@gmail.com



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